Terms & Conditions
Branding Dude is licensed and certified company that strictly follows all the rules and regulations that come under Digital Marketing Act and do their services with utmost good faith and commitment. We strive hard to offer best online, digital and internet marketing services to all our clients. Customers who engage our services will largely benefit since we commence the allotted services promptly and complete the same before the stipulated.

Misrepresentations, Fraudulent Practices and Cyber Crimes The Branding dude stays away from misrepresentations, malpractices, fraudulent approaches, scamming and cyber-crime and will take legal actions against customers and infiltrators who indulge in such criminal activities. We will abide by the rules and regulations and expect our customers to follow the same.

Pornographic Materials, Publications, Videos and Images

The Branding dude will never publish or use any types of pornographic materials or publications and never allow third parties to post such contents in our websites. If any of you post such contents intentionally either alone or in connivance with others, our attorneys will take severe actions against such imposters.

Charges and Fees

Customers who have signed a period or annual digital marketing contracts with our company should compulsorily pay us the fees that are raised from time to time or on the date of completion of contract. In this respect, we request the customers to read the contractual obligations, tariff structure and special fees provisions.

Renewal of Contract

The Branding dude usually signs a digital marketing contract for a period of 12 months which shall be automatically renewed for further period of six months or 12 months. The customers can cancel the contract by giving 30 day notice. Limitation of liability and Disclaimer Provision The Branding dude will settle the damages only up to the amount that it has collected from the party of the contract and the full and final settlement made by us will be conveyed in written format to the customers. Once the customer accepts the payment the contract automatically gets canceled. If in case the customers are unhappy with the settlements, they should intimate us the same within a stipulated time failing which it will be construed as customers has closed the case.

Court of Justice

The legal disputes, arbitration and other complicated legal problems that arise from the contract will be handled only in the Indian courts. The affected parties have to send a legal notice to us claiming compensation within a proper time frame and our legal attorneys will take up the case in nearby courts and fight for justice.

The Branding due will sincerely follow all the terms and conditions of the contract signed and work closely with all our customers. We reserve the right to use all the publication materials, brochures, readable contents, videos and audios.

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Our Core Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

* Search Engine Optimisation
* Google ADS
* Google My Business
* Social Media Handling
* Newsletter
* Social Media Campaign
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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

* UI/UX Web Design
* Static & Dynamic Website
* E-Commerce Website
* Web Application
* ERP Development
* Mobile App Development
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

* Facebook
* Instagram
* Twitter
* Linkedin
* Youtube
* Pinterest
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Explanatory Videos & Content:

Explanatory Videos & Content

* Explanatory Videos
* Product Photography
* Video Content
* Unique Content Creation
* Technical Content
* Press Release Content
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Our aim is to make the journey of your growth in branding smooth and meaningful. With our experience and knowledge, we aim to deliver positive outcomes.

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